Sunday, February 19, 2006

All girls are princesses

Sheoot, it's cold. We're trapped inside and trying hard to keep everyone occupied and productively engaged. Nora (as she is referring to herself these days) was again the star driveway shoveler, that girls takes a task and just doesn't let go until the job is finished and she really likes the shoveling.
My incredible Ellie organized most of the activities today and princess fashion show just had to be the highlight. Each girl sashayed down the hall and later sang a song of her own choosing acapella style. Too cute, I can hardly stand it. Nora hasn't broken into the Mimi/YuYu joined at the hip action yet. I don't think that will happen until she gets a lot more language. The games Mimi and YuYu play the most involve a lot of imagination and role-playing and Nora just can't do that yet. Just thought you'd like to see my princesses on parade. Talk about a full heart.


wickfam said...

What a beautiful group of!!! You must just enjoy watching them! :)
It looks like the girls are all doing great!!

Carol W.

Holly said...

Marji- I could just eat them UP! They are SO adorable! You are so wise to document these days and moments ... they pass too fast (and are gone from old minds, like mine. haha).
Love, Holly