Monday, December 11, 2006

Cinderella's Castle

Well, she could live there, if she had a temple recommend (wink wink, inside joke). Took in the lights at Temple Square on Sunday night with dutch uncle Stew after he fed us dinner WITH a dessert, my kids were stunned and all like dessert ?!?!?, dessert ?!?!? what's that? (I don't make dessert any more because they eat their two puny bites and leave the rest of the scrumptious stuff just staring at me and I start to hear the voices, eat me, Eat Me, EAT ME, so yeah, no dessert).
The weather was just right, still warmish, just starting a drizzle that didn't turn into snow fall until we were just pulling into our gararge as we returned home.
We popped into the little visitor center on the south side of the square to warm up a little and because it looked like a choir was getting ready to sing (a small, non-MoTab choir, but they had spammy matching outfits and it looked like it was going to be at least well-rehearsed) and it was a little surprising to the system to have the church's messages of ever-lasting bliss jumping off the walls at me. The last time I went inside a visitor's center in Temple Square was when I was a teen and I barely had the self-awareness to question my high school band leader's philosophies let alone a world religion. I had forgotten the hard sell. These folks really really want you to find happiness and a way to keep your family together forever and eternity. If any of the volunteer missionaries who were working the crowds last night knew my older brother, I think that it would not be hard to convince them that eternal family togetherness would be hellish and a reason to run, run fast, from any religion that would keep you hooked up to that jerk FOOOORRRRREEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRR. Families are Forever is a frightening proposition depending on the personalities of the constituent members. Shiver.

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Amy said...

Actually, great-grandpa is just perturbed that we're messing up his genealogical charts. So far, we have five biological parents that have produced three kids, and we have biological, step-parent adopted, and internationally adopted kids in the mix - hee hee.

The last time I was in Cinderella's castle I was a teen and doing baptisms for dead people (sort of Sixth Sense - "I dunk dead people!") Not nearly enough tulle or glitter involved for most Cinderella fans (not that I've really ever been into the tulle or glitter, but still!)

And we still have some family members who visit Cinderella's castle regularly enough to have those great conversations about why WE don't go. Let's not explore that particular family dynamic right now! :)

P.S. Thanks for your wonderful X-mas card. I have no idea whether I'll be organized enough to get mine out by Chinese New Year or not!