Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday Soccer Sushi

This is the first year that I've signed up the little girls for soccer. I could just never figure out how to get everyone to games and practices at different times on different fields, so I didn't push it. I figured if the little girls were interested enough in playing soccer they would nag me, but the guilt got to me first. Ellie has played on a recreational team for many years. She's not exactly in it for the athletics, but I thinkshe enjoys being on a team with a lot of her friends from school and if she wasn't having fun, I figured she let me know and she could stop, but so far, she's hanging in.

The guilts finally got to me though because I also know that the little girls would like to be on a team too, but they don't know enough about how things work to know that they just had to ask me to get what they want. I think they trust me to give them what they need and if I haven't given it to them, they must not need it. So I fudged YuYu's birth date a little so they could all play on one team. I have to rely on parents of girls on Ellie's team to ferry her to games I can't get to on time because I'm with the little girls (which was tough for me to ask for help, so stupid, but I am growing up a smidge). So for the next two months, someone will have soccer practice every night but Thursday and my Saturday mornings will be spent in a folding camp chair yelling until my throat hurts, but hey, it's only two months. And I never was a yeller before, but you try having half the team consist of your own kids (5 and a goalie for the little girls) and see how quiet you remain. Not.

But I have to tattle on the the treat mom this morning. And I could just kick myself for not getting a better picture. I sneaked this picture because I knew I was going to mock her and I felt badly about stealing the image. She probably thought I was some kind of royal wingnut when I sneaked this photo of her treat tray, but swear, I totally passed the camera around at Ellie's game later this morning because none of those parents have ever or would ever go to this level of effort for soccer snacks. I should have flattered excessive-effort-treat-mom and told her a lie like that I wanted pictures for my SIL or just made up someone who always has their eye out for cute kid treats, because no lie, these things are cute, but who was the cute aimed at? the kids or the parents? But I didn't think fast enough to flatter her with some load of crap so I could get a better shot, so this was all I got, but can you see what she's got going on here on the decorative pewter like tray?

Is this any better? can you see the bamboo sushi rolling mats atop a grass green sheet of what, who knows? and she even included a set of artfully placed chop sticks, no lie.

What the hell? who does she think she is setting the treat bar so high on the first game of the season? I, for one am neither impressed nor intimidated (well, yes actually a little bit of both), so boy are these kids going to be disappointed next week when I rip the top off a box of granola bars from Costco and hand them a warm juice bag and call it good.

Over-the-top-treat-mom made Rice Krispie sushi treats, damn. Maybe its the all the accessories that got to me the most, but geez, seriously? no one really expects their kids' soccer treats to get food styling points, or have I been living in a bubble?


Eliza2006 said...

Funny! Every now and then I belong to the over-achiever-club...not lately though, more like the under-achiever-club.
As we were pulling in the driveway tonight, Eliza exclaimed, "Where's Marji?! At home with Mei Mei?". Hopefully we'll see you next week at the singles gathering!

Lisa and Tate said...

I am sure the treats were for eye candy for the parents... I am sure the kids really could not care less is it had chopstix served on pewter.... Warm juice bags and grandola bars sound good enough! Let me know when a game is, I'll come yell with you!

Dawn said...

As someone who loves to decorate cakes and cupcakes and other treats, but who doesn't have enough functions to do it for, I can understand someone doing that just for their own fun. Unfortunately I am too unorganized to actually do it for a sporting event so I stick with juice boxes and bags of Cheez-Its.

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Not to sound like a complete weirdo but ....any possibility that she was trying to be "inclusive of your girls' culture" by doing it???

I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised by the odd things that people do in order to be politically correct and all that jazz. =)

Anonymous said...

You mean you remember to bring treats?? Bloody overachiever!!!

Jean (Sarah and Eleanor and Genevievie's gamma in Colorado)

Anonymous said...

The treats are so funny! Reminds me of when Zoe was in the play Seussical and some mom brought cupcakes that had blue dye and red fish on top (aka the book by Dr. Seuss) Cute, I think it's a nice though, but the kids don't care! They just want to eat!
And frankly I hope that she didn't make them to "include" your girls. That would just about kill me!
Either way, hope they enjoy soccer...I never did sign up Zoe...she's scared of balls...but isn't afraid to leap off a 4" balance beam!