Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Little Buddy, reprise

Remember my Little Buddy? Well, we were intimate with each other several times yesterday. One time right on the 400 block of Main Street, right out there in the open, ooh la la, and we even had a three-way in the parking garage behind 404 South Main, racy stuff. I love my Little Buddy and I’m not too proud to show it, although I think the Honda van is jealous because it started screaming at me when I was preparing for our last episode of togetherness as I was leaving work yesterday evening. I still love the Honda van, but not like I love my Little Buddy.

So yeah, this time it was the dome light over Nora’s seat after getting home late on Saturday evening and not moving the car until Monday morning. I know, I know, you would think I would have taken the advice of the Sisterhood of the Honda Odyssey, but that button on the dash the disables the lights? I don’t like it. I don’t like entering and exiting a dark car, and since it feels like it gets dark shortly after 1:00 pm around these parts, the lights stay on, dammit, becuase, after all, I have a Little Buddy. The funny thing, I was aware of that button, but did not reach any independent opinion about its purpose, so I just ignored it for four years. That’s called not thinking outside the boxy van.

But, I am educable in other ways. I did remember to throw Little Buddy in the back of the van as I left the house because I knew I wasn’t driving far enough to recharge the battery. The thought that didn’t cross my mind? Little Buddy in the back cargo area is hard to get to when the electronic hatch won’t open because the battery is as dead as the doornails. Hope no one had their video going to catch my middle-aged contortionism as I crawled back through the van to get my hands on my Little Buddy.

And the three-way? Well, after my creditors’ meeting in 405 South Main, I FINALLY, and I do intend the caps, because good hell, the cobbler’s children have no shoes, dropped off the readoption petitions for YuYu and Nora (makes the state produce Utah delayed birth certificates) at the state courthouse that is through the block to the East of 405 South Main. And I was walking past the parking garage to get to the courthouse, I looked up to see a couple with the hood up on their car on the first level (open grill work on the garage so you can see, no solid walls) and I asked gallantly: “Hey, battery trouble?” And guess what, yes, battery trouble and my Little Buddy saved their bacon too. My Little Buddy, my hero. Talk about serendipity.

But on the final jump last night, something something, Owner’s Manual something something, after opening the door with a key, something something, alarm will sound, something something, hook up Little Buddy, horn BLARING in my face with hood lid up and head buried by battery, oh good hell, I jumped out of my skin. Honda van, you have no right to act jealously. My relationship with Little Buddy has grown and deepened because of your own weaknesses. Stop crapping out on me and maybe we can try again.

In the meantime, Little Buddy goes everywhere we go, do you hear that? Everywhere. Get used to the idea.


Rebecca said...

Um -your van's weaknesses... really?

Marji said...

Well, yes, Rebecca, isn't it obvious that the van is completely at fault and that I and my angels are complete blameless in this case of serial battery murder? I can't see the confusion. Hrumph.


Lisa and Tate said...

Hahahhaaaa... Three way in the parking lot???? Tearing up here. Oh the wonders on that little buddy!!!

Terynn said...

the gift that keeps on giving. a girl's best friend. her little buddy.

what a beautiful love story. i'm verklempt.

Linda said...

You may not remember me..we were at the CHI campout 2(3?) years ago, I'm Stephanie's (Wynter, list 10) mom. I have been following your blog for years because your journey with Nora is so much like my journey with Ian.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that Steve and I decided years ago that the battery situation with the Odyssey is a design flaw...there must be a better way to do this if EVERYONE who has one has dealt with the dead-battery-because-an-inside-light-was-left-on problem. My solution, after way too many dead batteries, is to stand outside the van and watch all the lights go off inside it before going in the house. I can't use the off switch inside the van either...it just doesn't work with our loading into the van habits. We have the equivalent of a Little Buddy too, but I think I gave away the AC charger, and it too is now dead as a doorknob.
And Congratulations on getting the papers filed for the readoptions. I still haven't done Annie's and she's been home almost 7 years.