Thursday, February 05, 2009

Angel Eyes

She is THRILLED. She kept nagging and nagging, "Has Costco called yet?" "Are my glasses ready yet?" We ran down to the Costco after dinner on Tuesday and she hasn't stopped beaming since she put them on her face. She can't stop looking in the mirror and she's going to starve because she would rather look at her reflection in the kitchen window than eat dinner. These are her sturdy glasses and I'll need to get a picture of her hip and kicky frames. I never knew anyone could get so worked up over wearing glasses, but YuYu can. My myopic angel.


Lisa and Tate said...

She looks adorable! Love the glasses and the girl in them.

Darlene in CA said...

YuYu looks adorable. Lulu just got new Barbie frames (not as horrible as it sounds - dusty rose with the Barbie insignia on the frame) a week ago and I find her in front of the mirror all the time. Poor Meklit wants glasses so badly; unfortunately for her, her eyes are perfect. Can't wait to see YuYu's other pair!