Friday, May 01, 2009

How sad is this?

That the only extra time in my schedule comes as a result of being stuck in the Honda Dealer service waiting room with my laptop? I just missed the shuttle, I don't have the files I need to be productive, so, what the heck, free internet and I might as well update the blog.

Here's the deal. I'm a bankruptcy attorney. The economy is in the tank. You do the math. But in case you can't, what I'm trying so say is that I'm swamped with work. I know, wah wah wah, when so many people are unemployed or under-employed, but cheese and rice, I'm exhausted. I've worked every day for months and months. My younger brother comes in and meets my kids after school so I can work until 10:00 pm when he needs to leave to go to work. I take the kids in to my office on the weekends where they watch DVDs and Chuck episodes on the computer. I wasn't able to do any work last weekend because I (a) couldn't face it, and (b) needed to clean the pig sty house so I didn't horribly disgrace the family name when guests arrived on Sunday. I'm paying for it this week. Three of the four kids participated in an expressive dance program thing at 2:00 pm at the school and I skidded into the school just as the program started because I cut the travel time to close because I got stuck on a contentious phone call when I needed to leave to get to the school on time. Driving angry is probably more dangerous than driving drunk, I thinkg. I'm trying to calm down and figure it all out as I drive to the school, knowing I still had a couple hours of work to complete and wondering if other parents go through this calculation: soccer practice? or malpractice? soccer practice or malpractice? I chose soccer practice and stuffing Arby's down their throats on the way back to my office where we stayed until 9:00pm on a school night because I had a filing deadline. Oh well, you do what you have to do, right? Okay, shuttle driver is here, back to work.


Chantal said...

You can turn down business, right? Set some limits for yourself and open up some time for you and the family. And think about those of us in the opposite situation!

Denise said...

Sounds like you need an assistant... I would do it if I were there, then there would be 7 kids watching dvds in the office!

Sink said...

I wish there was something that I could do to help, too. You need some family time and some alone time.
Can you use some of the extra cash to do a Lucy---and pay someone to clean the house?
Hugs to you.

Rebecca said...

The house was great and I doubt it is ever a pigsty. If you ever need to feel better about your house just visit mine. I swear that is the only reason my mom visits. :)

OTH - I think paying someone to clean once a week or every other week is a great idea. One worry off your mind. So are you working all this extra time in order to save the money for China visit? Good goal as long as you do take some time for yourself and the kids every once in awhile on the way to meeting that goal.

I think you need to think about pacing too - I do not believe the economy is going to change all that much in the near future so you will be busy for a long time!

Also, the girls are apparently moving to your house or in Callista's case moving to Utah because they have huge houses there. LOL. And then, of course, the Super Chinese Market just sealed the deal for all of them! We just have nothing to compete with that in Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think all working moms do that calculation all the time. Actually, I think *all* moms do - wash the floor, play with the baby? Billable hours, funfilled hours? Attend soccer practice, attend dance practice? Never easy. Oddly, the kids will often make a big fuss now if you're "not there" but I honestly don't think they remember that IF you loved them desparately (as you do) and worry constantly about what is the right thing to do (as you do) and *are* there when you can (as you do). Kids remember if they were loved, not so much how.

My mom was a single mom, I was not. All the above wisdom comes from that!

Tiffany said...

Well, I think you're doing a fine job over there! I think of you and your 4 children often...mostly when I feel swamped with my 2. I want to be more like you when I grow up! You won't always be this busy. Remember your advice from a while ago? One memory in the good childhood memory bank per month. Also, you can send your free child laborers (Eliza entertainers) over here any time! I'd offer to pick them up for you, but let's face it, my dog can barely fit in my car with us at this point!

L said...

You are a wonder. And you have four most excellent kids. I'm trying something new this year: trying to remain conscious of balance in my world. Some times it feels more balanced than others, but it feels better than the utter chaos of last year. So I'm calling it a success.

Offload the guilt and most of the things you think a "good mother" does. They don't. Except for Carol Brady. She did but in the end she still got blamed for all the bad things that happened to the Brady clan.

Take a day. Take a week.

Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog on and off. I'm a single w/two"er" and have great respect for your efforts!Balance is ALWAYS a challenge, regardless of our circumstances. I say, "Make Hay while the Sunshines!!!!!!! Your kids will know why it's called "Work" for a reason when the grow up!!!! It's also much easier to enjoy ""time"" with the kids when you're not worrying about how the bills will get paid!
You'll know when it's time for a BREAK!!!! and you can slow down then!

Sarah Kate said...

I wish you would blog!!! I read everything the night I found it a year ago and your story is fascinating and so honest. I long to know how you and the girls are doing.

Sarah Kate in Australia.