Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just thinking out loud loud here, but

Nora plays SO well with Lan Lan (4) when the Ellisons come up to visit the cultural capital (TWO Asian food stores within eight blocks, it doesn't get much more cosmopolitan than that) of the Intermountain West, that it does make me think about the possibility of maybe, some day, adding another, heck, it couldn't hurt, Nora's emotionally immature, a younger soulmate sister would be so good for her, we have room for another, never say never, it could happen and maybe . . .

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HAH, had you going, that will NEVER happen, tick tock the game's locked and NOBODY else can play, no more Hanson sur-named female type children will be sashaying around these parts until they look up and call me Grandma. HAH, adopt another child? preposterous, absurd, and I do mean NEVER! I'm saying NEVER and I pretty much mean NEVER.


Amy said...

Hi Marji -
Just a note to say hi and to tell you how lovely it is to see updates on your girls so often. I admit that I come and read your blog regularly, and really enjoy your writing and the pictures of your daughters.
We're getting there as far as our adoption goes - just waiting for I171-H now!
Don't know if Jean told you, but she's applied for a job out here in Boulder. Keep your fingers crossed - we want Grandma close!!
Lots of love to the Hansons from the Nashes.

Anonymous said...


You absolutely, flippin' crack me up (and ya had me goin' there!).

I'm OK with believing that there will be no more Hanson sur-named *girls*, but aren't those *boys* something to consider?

They'd give Hurricane Nora a run for her money!

Just thinking out loud here....

(from Iowa)

Marji said...

Amy, What! Jean is deserting and joining the ranks of the godless heathens in Boulder? yeah, sounds about right. What a great move for her and for her beautiful grand kids. I know it kills her to be so far from Sarah and GennyBean (did I approach an accurate spelling?). And wowza, my cap is off to you on the speed in which you completed your dossier preparation. Even by my fourth time, I'm sure I wasn't that fast. Now if only the CCAA could match your pace, you wouldn't be facing the big bad ever widening gap between DTC and referral. Shoot.


Amy said...

Yes, I know Jean will be sad to leave the SLC culture behind. ;) And Sarah and The Bean are very cute as godless heathens go. Still haven't heard from the university, though, so our celebrations may be premature. I told Jean I wasn't hugely surprised that it's taking them awhile (it's a bureaucracy, after all), and obviously they don't know what important people they're dealing with here! (ha ha) :)

As for paperchasing, it's a process that fits my skillset very well (a.k.a. my neurotic tendency to complete as much as possible as quickly as possible regardless of stress level). Dave's looked at the "recommended timeline" for this stuff, and laughs that I had the first month's worth of stuff done within the first two days. Now I'm getting antsy that our social worker is taking a whole week to get back to us on our home study, when I know full well she should have a few weeks of slack time to get this done. That's the trouble with being neurotic, I guess - you expect everyone else to be the same way. (The rest of the paperwork, which WAS under my control, is finishing being sealed at the consulate). Patience, grasshopper. I admit that I was impatient during pregnancy, too, but that had the reassuring feeling of knowing EXACTLY where my baby was at all times. This is much harder.