Friday, September 15, 2006

When bad moms happen to good kids

Oh, the shame, the shame. Can you read this? Can you see that it says "Dear Tooth Fairy: MY TOOTH!" Did you know that it is possible for the tooth fairy to forget the recently desiduoused tooth of a fabulous 9yo (who is just in it for the money at this point, but still) for three nights in a row until it gets to the point that the bad mom goes to her room to get ready for bed and the good but impatient kid has had to leave a NOTE for the hack fairy to remember about HER TOOTH! Did you know that guilt ridden tooth fairies are especially generous? Did you know that the good kid is only $6 away from having enough money to buy the ORGANIZER of her dreams, the one she has had her eye on at OfficeMax for over two months? Don't you think that an organizer is kind of a strange thing for a good kid to be lusting after? So many questions, so few good answers when bad moms happen to good kids in the heart of the lonely city. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Oh man!

You have no idea how often this formally single/very bad/swiss- cheese-for-brains/tooth fairy flunkie forgot her kids' teeth/surprises!

It was so bad, it was laughable.

Skip the guilt and just go straight to hiding the object-of-her-desire-organizer under her pillow! So much easier. LOL

(from Iowa)

Holly said...

Marji, Just in case no one tells you today. Or right now. Or this very minute. You are a Good Mom. In fact, you are a VERY good mom. You are an AWESOME mom. And, you have great kids. Not to single any of them out .. ahem ... but, this one especially. Give her the $6 (at least) and take her shopping. :-) All guilt is hereby magically removed.