Monday, November 13, 2006


Here are Nora and Mimi with their 5th grade buddies starting the big, but not wicked or violent in any way, parade at school. To her credit, when Nora realized that I was not going to let her wear the Belle costume without a t-shirt, she caught herself before she completely lost it although all the signs pointed to a big fat flip out with mucho pouting for a topper. But she didn't, she pulled it together, paraded about and even held the hand of her buddy after some firm encouragment from her not so favorite person of the moment, the woman who would purposefully and intentionally mar her beauty with an evil white t-shirt, the mom.
The incomparable YuYu, my joy bucket. Posted by Picasa

And here is the best kid in all the world and her first grade buddy who is not a tall first grader, Ellie is a short fourth grader, very short, but like she says, "someone has to be the shortest." She will go far on her stumpy legs and great attitude.

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Amy said...

Your girls are so beautiful. And I remember my own evil Mom making me wear things I didn't want to wear on Halloween. Like a COAT! And that goes on the OUTSIDE of the costume and COVERS the most important accessories! NOOOO! I was, of course, scarred for life.

YuYu is truly just lovely. I adore that picture of her. And the group photos of the other girls with classmates are wonderful; all the kids look so happy.

And would you believe that Sarah is also the shortest in her fourth grade class? Actually, she has just corrected me - she is tied for shortest with Dylan. Dylan is notable for being the boy who took her pencil sharpener (after she kindly shared it with him) and lied to the teacher about it being his. Which flabbergasted Sarah to the point of telling this particular story over and over... ahh, the injustices of fourth grade. Dylan has been officially marked as the pencil-sharpener-thief-liar boy. I told her boys are pretty much booger heads until sometime in late middle age. But some of them are more tolerable than others. :)

Anyway, I wish your girls had come to my house trick-or-treating. They would have gotten extra chocolate from me! Especially the grumpy princess with the t-shirt, since I completely empathize with the trauma induced by mothers enforcing their (sensible) dress codes on what would otherwise be a perfect costume. (Yeah, I can see how extra chocolate might not quite make up for the Utah-Colorado commute).

Love to you all from the Nashes.