Thursday, November 30, 2006

You can never have too many mothers

Lord, I've got to keep a tape recorder handy to catch all the good stuff. At dinner tonight:

YuYu: I'm lucky because I have two mothers.
Me: Bud, remember, you have three mothers? The mother you grew in, your Nanning mother and me.
YuYu: (looking pleased) Yeah, that's right I have a mother in China and I'm from England.
Mimi: I only had two mothers. YuYu is from China and I'm from England.
Me: Huh? who is from England?
Nora: Wah, that no fair, I not have England, I only have China.
Me: Ellie, what are they talking about?
Ellie: How should I know, they're strange.


Eliza2006 said...

What funny, nutty, cute kids you have!


Amy said...

Thank you. I needed to crack up today. :)

Wah. No fair. I only have England, um... America. Something like that.

Marji said...

Oh yeah, they're nuts alright, and I forgot that the conversation started because YuYu, after taking the first bite of the dinner I made last night said, "I love the food in China, even in my foster family, it was so good." I agreed with her (really, the feast her foster mother prepared was so delicious) and that started the reminiscing about mothers.

Cute kids.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, the things they say! It's (almost) worth keeping them around ALL the time for those precious moments of insight into the world. And heaven knows, no one could ever have too many mothers!

Best to all,
Gamma Jean (Sarah and Eleanor and Gen's gamma)