Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does he have a single brother?

I know, I know what I said about my handsome bright yellow Kartchner power sprayer and I still do love it so, but I've found a man to make me rethink the pronouncement about not needing a husband. I was poking around the big web to do a little self educating on the money sucker embedded in my back yard and I found The One. He should be mine. Too bad The One is married with kids and living somewhere happily, looks like the South, no snow or ice in any of the pictures and the dirt, she is so red. Unfortunately, regardless of the married with kids thing he has going on, at the very least, I'm geographically undesirable, who would want to relocate to the land of bitter cold turns to dry heat and odd liquor laws. And I'm not even going to get into the oh so many factors that make me oh so unmarriageable at this point in time and space, but, I digress and you really need to check this flickr story. Tell me you don't find this man ultimately attractive even though you can't really see his face in any of the shots. What he looks like just doesn't really matter, does it? This Adonis, this faceless god amongst us, this true American hero, rent/wrung/brought forth on this continent that gorgeous after out of the hideous before with his own bare hands and a crummy cement mixer. Gives me the longings that I thought I had long long long ago learned to suppress. Big sigh.


Anonymous said...


I never have anything new to say; don't know why I comment at all.

You're funny.

You crack me up.

I think you're a good mom and a nifty gal.

Keep writing.

Teri (from Iowa--but in Texas)

Melissa said...

I could do that. Piece 'o cake!

Marji said...

Melissa, him or the pool?

Dawn said...

Too funny!

Yes, Minister... said...

I want him! Oh wait ~ I have him. Yeah, my nutty ME attorney husband think that he can "do a pool!" What I really like about those picture is where is the wife! That would be my job ~ taking the pictures~! I am going to email these picutre and tell DH go for it! Wait - better not do that - DH has no concept of time and I want the pool before we retire.

Eliza2006 said...

I want him too!