Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sparkle Plenty

YuYu is seven. It is hard not to wax rhapsodic about this child and if I could do her justice, I might try. But this loving child’s gifts are beyond my feeble words and descriptive abilities. I wish I were a poet. YuYu needs a poet to capture her loveliness and my feet are not long fellows. All she wanted for her birthday? Seashells. How lovable is that? She was thrilled with this cheap basket of shells from Oriental Trading Co. You wouldn’t think there could be merchandise out there a step down from Lillian Vernon, but then I found Oriental Trading and not only is the quality much inferior, you buy all the inferior products in multiples of 12 or more. Our birthday party goodie bags entered a whole new realm of awesomeness when I discovered this cornucopia of cheap crap.

YuYu is wearing the most deliciously green pajamas her friend Hunter (or more accurately, Hunter’s amazingly thoughtful mom Trish) selected for her in New York’s Chinatown. The color makes her skin look like it is lit from within and she is cool and toasty at the same time. YuYu proclaimed her new pajamas to be “handsome and popular.” What dreadful video has she been watching that gave her handsome and popular? I don't know, but I love it. I love her. She makes my heart high.

Happy birthday bird girl, please don’t grow up too fast.


Yes, Minister... said...

Happy birthday Yu Yu!

OMG ~ I am so familiar with Oriental Trading from the school teacher days! Yeah, I think your right, they make Lillian Vernon look like Bloomingdales!

Global Girl said...

Happy Birthday to lovely YuYu :)

Andrea Nielsen said...

Hi Marji,
thanks for the reminder of how amizing the first moments with my daughter will be! I love reading your adventures...cursing and all...I relate so well!!!!! It is a shame that more singles won't get to adopt...I just pray that will change! Blessings to your beautiful family! I hope that I can share my Fuling adventures with you when I return!
Andrea Nielsen

Sister Carrie said...

You are making me laugh with your comparison of Lillian Vernon and Oriental Trading Co. Heck, just a mention of Lillian Vernon is enough to make me laugh. YuYu is indeed quite beautiful. I hope she enjoys her shells.