Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Cha

Okay, probably not the most appropriate pop music reference I could find to illustrate why I think my pre-teen is the best kid in the universe, that song kind of sexualizes everything it comes into contact with, but don't cha wish your kid was just like mine? What kid does this? how did I ever deserve such a great kid?

I did not direct her or ask her to do this. I did some ominous glowering and deeply frustrated sighing and she just read between the lines. My ten year old Ellie, sensing an imminent parental unit melt down last weekend over the dvd cases strewn amongst the kid clutter and food wrappers her heedless little sisters had left all over the sixties home handy man basement TV room that nearly makes me cry every time I walk down the stairs even when the room is tidy, took it upon herself to organize and label the dvd's by genre: ogre, talking animals, real people, not real people, Barbie, princess, Lindsay Lohan, etc. It might just be me, but I think that's hot.

And yeah, there are a lot of dvds, but we don't do cable. And we don't don't have cable not because I want to protect my impressionable kids from being exposed to the wrong kind of stuff (although that is a fortunate side benefit). We don't have cable because I learned, way back in the day, that I will stay up to watch absolute crap into the wee hours of the morning just because it's there. I can't imagine what a coma lady I would turn into now if I could watch people cooking things with butter and cheese 24 hours a day. I would. never. stop. watching. mmmmmm, cheese.

Oh yeah, and I just noticed that there's dust all up in that air intake vent, but cut me some slack. I'm not much of a housekeeper, but hot damn, the dvd's look great, don't they? Focus on Ellie's dvd racks and it will be easier to look past the filth and I've already uploaded the pictures and starting over after I take the time to clean would really kill the moment.


Yes, Minister... said...

LOL ~ you crack me up! WE don't do cable either and not because we are "holier than thous" but it is (1) expensive and (2) we end up watching way to much cra#$%p :-) We have a motherload of DVD's and I think the we ought to get our like minded "tween's" together! Ian is mister DVD organizer extradonaire!

Hey, I keep meaning to send you an e-mail and check up on the Guangxi Goddess :D How is she doing in school?

Crash said...

Nice work, Ellie. Vent looks clean enough to me. What's up with all the clocks? XXXOOO, Holly

Abby in Massachusetts said...

Why can't she be in my classroom?! I wouldn't even ask her to clean up or anything! I'd kill for just one kid who wouldn't ADD to the disaster zone/chaos.

Is it June yet??

Nancy said...

I am intrigued by the clocks as well.

Great job on the DVDs, Ellie!


Anonymous said...

I go away on vacation for a couple of weeks and the darn kids grow up a couple of years! How'n'heck does that happen?? The pictures of Mimi when a baby, compared to her going off to school - oh my oh my oh my. And Nora - you do plan to buy a cage to keep her in when she hits, say, 14, right??

I miss you guys, I really, really do...


Grandma Jean