Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Macoun met Honey Gold

It was magic. I'm spoiled for life. I don't want any other apple. I just want to be left alone with a crate of these babies. Oh good hell, it's like eating cider except that it is "explosively crisp." The Honey Crisp are back in the local groceries and life is good. Buy some now. They won't be back until next fall and you should not live another day without crunching up one of these gems. I often, more like constantly without ceasing, fantasize about finding my life's work: the job that would fulfill my destiny and my best purpose in life. If I could stand by the apple display at Albertson's and hand out samples of Honey Crisp apples all day long, I think my prayers would be answered: a shill for the apple industry, heaven. I could be pushing Honey Crack, um, Crisp apples on the uninitiated. I can see it in my mind's eye: sad sad shoppers would taste these amazing apples and throw their arms around me and thank me for showing them the light and the way and for filling their small desperate little lives with hope again. I'm just saying, these apples are fine and could possibly be life changing. Buy some now.


Zhu's Mama said...

Marji - this is cracking me up. Just days ago, my 13 year old son comes running to me in the store: "Mom, try one of these - if you buy these, I will EAT them, promise!"

Eliza2006 said...

You are a nut! I love the description of your dream job. Okay, gotta go...hope Harmon's isn't sold out...need apples!


Lisa and Tate said...

I didn't even realize I was needing a little apple help in my desperate life.... I will be heading to the produce section tomorrow to find me some of this Honey Crisp gold.


Anonymous said...

I ran out on Saturday and bought some. They live up to every expectation you had given me. Fabulous!! Kristen

Denise said...

I was at the store this morning at 630 (the things I do to have a moment alone)and saw Golden Crips and thought, is that the apples marji was talking about, no couldn't be, they had a more exotic name than that didn't they? So I passed them up and now I'm kicking myself, I could really use a nice sweet treat right now. I guess the open bag of chocolate chips will have to do.

Anonymous said...


Unbelieveable. Your description is true.

*Never* liked eating apples before. Now, I pay big bucks to eat at least two per day.

So, yes. You've found your life's work.

Apple pusher.

(from Iowa--near Wisconsin apple country)