Saturday, December 08, 2007

See what happens?

When your best friend is a big ol' gay ranch hand? You end up with a six foot tall phallus in your front yard. Can't be helped. Wonder what kind of google hits "big ol' gay ranch hand" and "six foot tall phallus" are going to generate.

I was just going to end it there without explanation, but I don't have that kind of restraint. Here's the rest of the story. My good friend Stew*, the girls' best un-uncle, came by this morning to help with the shoveling, and I don't even have to ask, because I never would, because that's my MO. But my neighbor's boyfriend (I guess, why else was he using her snowblower, don't ask, don't tell, I guess) whipped up the sidewalk and took care of it for us. Hey, I'll take home maintenance help in any way shape or form when its volunteered. Even if its an unfamilar man pushing the snow off my driveway on a cold Saturday morning. No way I'm going to run out and stop that kind of thing.

So, with no actual work left to do, Stew and the girls set about building a snow man. This storm brought much wetter snow than last week, but still not wet enough to roll snowman parts according to the classic snowperson building specs, but you could pile it. So it grew and it grew and it grew and really really looked like am emerging man bit, but by the time I ran back in the house to get the camera, Stew had made it look less pornographic, but you can see why I was teasing him unmercilessly the whole time it was, um, growing.

And you've got to love Stew's hip and happening snow gear. He grew up in rural Utah, yeah, it's not all flash and sizzle like SLC all over the state, helping his family run cattle. So the rancher coveralls aren't just a fab fashion statement, they've seen real agriculture action. Stew isn't a sissy drugstore cowboy. He's just a sissy cowboy. He'll drive all the way to Denver just to hit the gay country bars with big dance floors so he can two step with other like-minded boot scooters. Just wish he could find a man here in town who deserves a catch like Stew so he wouldn't have to build them out of snow.

*Stew traveled with me on both Mimi's and YuYu's adoption trips, insisting on paying his own travel expenses, that's a true blue friend. Not like the guy next to him who'll disappear without a trace or so much as a howdya do ma'am by next week. So that's the scoop on the men in my life, either gay or frozen.


Eliza2006 said...

I love Stew...and his snowman. I need one of each!


Ladybug Hugs 4 U said...

Good Gawd that made me LOL - Thanks. Okay, what does that mean about men and snow men? When Ian was little, like 5 or 6, he added "special body parts" to all his snow men? HUM?

BTW - thanks for the comment. Ya know, I have spent the last 18 months trying to be polite and I am so over it. You try to be sweet and act "normal" well, screw it - we're not. And anyway, normal is so boring :d But come on, her comment was so out of here!

I finish school this week - so look for a "little" package towards the end of the week. Don't know what it is about that little spit-fire of yours, maybe it because I have her evil manipulative twin at my house - LOL!

Heather said...

Hey Marji:

Heather here, Leila's mom. I'm sure you remember me as we were in Guangzhou picking up our daughters at the same time...almost 2 years ago. Hard to believe huh? Anyhow...believe it or not, I still read your blog pretty regularly, and keep up with Nora and all your other darling daughters.

Anyhow...just wanted to say howdy...and let you know I'm lurking around!


Sharon said...

ROFL.....good grief, Marji! I nearly spit coffee everywhere while reading this post!

Too funny!

Brinley & Bailey's mama

Andrea Nielsen said...

I love to read your blog...especially since I can so relate! I wish I had a Stew that was as helpful as yours! Hope you and all your girls are doing well. Don't know how you do it...since I am sometimes overwhelmed being mommy to 1!