Saturday, December 01, 2007

first snow

Okay, so I made this, but so what, I guess. You know how it goes, you follow a few links, monkey around, it takes too much time, but you don't want give up because, you think, man, how hard can this be? and it takes too long, but you persevere and this is all you have to show for it, a picture mosaic. What the hell are you going to do with a picture mosaic? put it on the blog, that's one, but what else is there? can't think of two.

But what a great day. It's been forever since we had real snow and a day warm enough to be out to play in it. The bitch about Utah snow is that it's too dry for good snow people construction. Greatest Snow on Earth, who says. Well, I guess the ski industry says, and over a million license plates say, but four little girls who couldn't get the snow to stick together to make a presentable snow man say, meh.

But so you don't have to squint, here are some full size photos of our snow day and my driveway, because that's what's really important, a clean, snow free driveway surface. Just wanted you all to appreciate the craftsmanship.


Ladybug Hugs 4 U said...

Yeah, but once you start following those links - it can get addicting :D I think I am just a photo junkie!

Love the pic's of the girls and I am so glad that you hav started posting again. I missed you guys :D

BTW- you never sent me your address :D

Lisa and Tate said...

Great picture mosaic (sp?)... What cute girls you have! I just love the snow and what a great way to welcome in December with a great new blanket of it! And the driveway... I am speechless at the snow free perfection!