Friday, November 30, 2007

Feeb Feeb Feeb Feeb

Total and utter feeb, card-carrying, any dumber and I'd need to be watered, feeb. So we missed Jaynie. As we pulled into the airport parking terrace with plenty of time to spare, I even commented how nice it was to be at the airport without being pushed for time or up the entire night before. Jane's instructions were for Northwest flight #### arriving terminal 2. We got inside and the arrival board showed only Delta flights which I confirmed with the friendly gent behind the information desk, no other flights besides Delta. So we hauled over to terminal 2 and watched the arrival board, Northwest flight #### until it just disappeared off the board. It never said landed, or arriving or squat and then it was gone. What it DID say, and this is where the density issue arises, baggage claim SIX which is NOT in terminal 1, but, where it should be when there is a CO-SHARE flight with Delta, over in terminal 2 where Jane said the damn flight was going to land. Although I'd like to blame the info desk guy for not say, oh, but sometime Delta CO-SHARE flights land at terminal 2, this was all on me. Especially when you add to the whole picture that I was standing in terminal 2 for over an hour because I had convinced myself that since there was no other family waiting for them, that Jane was obviously going to step off a 24 hour travel day and drive them all back out to Vernal powered by true grit and pioneer spirit. And my tiny mind was okay with that, that Jane's husband and other children where fine to just wait for them to drive out from Salt Lake and they'll all just see them later tonight providing that Jane could keep a car between the lines after a marathon adoption trip and return flight. Feeble, feeble, feeble minded. I just got my ass whipped by an airport arrival board. I am so ashamed. By the time I got smart and headed back to terminal 2, it was way too late and we missed them. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. Plus I had to be a good model to show my own kids how to handle disappointment and aggravation when all I really wanted to do was windmill my arms and jump up and down on the bag of treats from the Asian market that we stopped to buy on the way to the airport. I thought we were going to share a special moment with one of Nora's friends from the old days and be useful, or something, and I blew it and that blows. Now we'll have to drive out to Dinosaurland to meet the lovely Miss Jaynie and who knows when the dinosaurs will be migrating. Crap.


Curly Mom said...

The very fact that you made such an effort with the girls in tow to get the gift and get to the airport and go thru it all proves VERY much that you are an awesome caring person...and I know Jaynie's family will know that too.
Erin and Meizhi

Global Girl said...

Well, it is the thought that counts, right? (Though clearly, anyone in that situation would be frustrated!)

Nancy said...

Oh shoot, Marji! I feel your pain!


Anonymous said...

Ah, marji, you're a total loser! There is NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET who would do something like that. Loser, loser, loser!!! (I, for example, would never find out that the reason that I couldn't get my boarding pass to print out the night before my flight was that I had entered the *wrong* date in my reservation...nope, not me... :)

We all love you no matter what, just remember that.

Gamma Jean

ps - As I remember, the dinosaurs migrate in the spring....