Sunday, January 08, 2006

deja vu all over again

Really quick, we're here, I haven't slept in many a day although apparently I dozed for quite awhile in the bath tub this afternoon based on the pruniness of my hands. You know you're a mom when the siren song of the Ambien in your carryon has to be ignored because you can't be dead to the world if your 5yo comes uncovered of has to potty. But oh, let me tell you, I'll sleep well tonight, Ambien or no.

Going to the Dumpling King with the best Nanning adoption guide in the business (what a relief and pleasure to see him at the airport) his wife andAngela, his 5yo daughter, Xiao Xiao and possibly David Huang and a small boy, relation unknow, YuYu's parents and another adult relative of YuYu, relation unclear at this time. It's COLD, shoot. Like visiting Hawaii and it decides to get down to 40 degrees, should warm up soon. Will fill in details tomorrow. Xiao Ye arrives later in the afternoon. Big stomach clench.

Great to see Suzanne at LAX although my trip planning middle-aged brain overload forgot that I agreed to meet at the baggage claim and since our luggage got checked through to Guangzhou this time, who knew?, I blew it. We found each other, but not without cost, 'splain later.

Oh how I hate to have to wake up the practically comatose YuYu, but if I don't she'll be up at 10:00 p.m. to start her day. GREAT TRAVELER, the best, gold medal goes to YuYu.

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