Wednesday, January 04, 2006

more photos scrounged from my other computer

My technical abilities have their limits, some big, some small, placement random, who knows why. Here are some more photos of Nora Xiao Ye taken within the last year. And, of course, the difference in the information available to me for this adoption and the blurry little 1x2" photo I received of Ellie back in 1997 is just mind boggling. The photos on top are from the day she first met her foster mother last August, you can see the bewilderment in her posture and on her face. The photo above on the left was sent to me from another family who adopted the little girl in the gold dress last year. She was Jiang Wen Wu and she in now Maxine. She has been home in San Francisco for almost six months. Maxine's mom sent me some other wonderful pictures, but in pdf format and I can't convert them to jpg and, therefore, cannot upload them to the site, shoot. Maxine's progress reports from the Half the Sky preschool mentions that her best friend in Jiang Xiao Ye, my Nora, and you can tell from the other pictures that those two knew how to have fun together. The final photo in the plaid shirt is from June of this year, after Nora's hands had been repaired. The anonymous angel who snapped the photo said the worried expression did not last long and she gave hugs and ran off smiling right after the picture was taken. Good to know, because she does look pretty concerned about something. The angel also snapped photos of her hands and they look wonderful, just like Ellie's hand, beautiful and perfect.

YuYu is so excited about leaving in two days to see her foster family that she could light up half the city. I am 95% confident that I'm making the right choice for her, but the 5% nags at me, what if it's too much for her and she remembers the pain of separation, again, more than the joy of being reunited with them. But the 95% of me that understand's and admires YuYu wants to believe that she will be more grateful for the chance to be with them regardless of the pain of saying good bye again. On the other hand, I KNOW they are beyond happy to see their beautiful girl again. I have two very emotional events to look forward to on this trip.

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