Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Travel Soup

I've driven these poor little girls like cattle for the past three days and it's worn me out too. You might have noticed that the blog got a little weak lately. We hit the Six Banyan Temple, the Guangzhou Temple, the Tomb of the Nanyue King, the White Cloud Mountain Park, the Pearl River cruise, the Chen Family Academy and pearl shopping too. And there's still a lot more I would have liked to fit in, but since we're leaving tomorrow, that won't be possible. My check book is starting to scream a little any way so it's just as well. YuYu just keeps trooping along, no melt downs, some small complaining, but I've been so proud of her endurance. Xiao Ye doesn't know the difference or that she has the right to complain. Each time I start to get ready to go again, she just gets her jacket and purse without being asked and she's ready to go again too. She even helps me locate the room key or stuff snacks in the back pack. The last time we were in Guangzhou in 2004, it was just us, no other families and we just didn't push the touring issue and wandered around Shamian Island a lot. This time, if the bus was pulling out, I wanted to be on it and I dragged the girls along too. Guangzhou is a huge and ancient city and if you could ever see the sky line, I'm sure it would stretch for miles. It really will be a long time before I pass this way again and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any opportunities to see what I could see.

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