Sunday, January 14, 2007

adoption day anniversary: one year with Nora


Overheard on Nora’s adoption day last Wednesday.

I’m at the kitchen sink and the three youngest were brushing their teeth around the corner in the bathroom.

YuYu: Nora, I’m glad you came to be our sister.
Nora: [tittering] Why?
YuYu: Because you are cute and funny and smart and brave.
Nora: [over the top tittering that’s her way of saying “I’m uncomfortable” and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to act]
Mimi: But when you giggle too much, that’s very ‘noying. I wish you could stop.
Nora: [more uncontrolled and uncontrollable tittering]

The room where my home computer is located was probably supposed to be a root cellar or some such because there’s no ductwork and I'm feeling a little rutabagish down here in the cold. It’s 15 degrees outside and doesn’t feel that much warmer in this terrible little room. I’m thinking a lot about my progress with Nora and want to get my thoughts on paper, but I just can’t work under these conditions. I’m thinking the blog might be a little weak until the spring thaw, yeowch.

But I think YuYu and Mimi distilled my feelings pretty succinctly: yes, I agree, Nora is beautiful and smart and funny, but damn, she’s “in your face annoying” a lot of the time and I wish she could stop.
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