Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excited about Veronica

Many years ago, in a parallel universe that seems to be lifetime ago, I had the great good fortune to share the misery of being a "summer associate" after my first year of law school with the lovely Ms. Valerie Mangine, nee Brown. It was such a relief to share that first stab at law practice with someone with whom I could also share my insecurities and the "omg I can't do this I'm going to get fired before I ever get hired" fears. Not to mention our memorable trip through the desert outside of Vegas on Labor Day weekend with the heater ON in my miserable old Subaru. I did the complaining for both of us, she was so gracious about it.

Now the divine Ms. Val and her equally fabulous husband Buddy (who, although I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, must be fabulous or Val wouldn't have chosen him and since when they travel, their adult to kid ratio will be so much better than mine, I should think I'll get to meet him on my turf, yes?), is days away from winging her way to China to adopt the prettiest little petal who they will name Veronica Quinn. They've started a blog, Val's blog , and I can hardly WAIT to hear about and see the big day.

Their excitement, love and joy for this small beauty are wonderful to share.

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