Friday, January 19, 2007

PITA redeemed

Wednesday evening, Nora decided to tantrum, for a long time, a long, ear-splitting, nerve-shredding time, over picking her clothes off the ground. It had been a very stressful work day and I was simply out of emotional resources. I really lit into her. I was a monumental Yelling Mom. Shall we say that I definitely made her regret and rethink her decision to dump her clothes/shoes in a heap in the TV room and then to refuse to pick them up. Or to be more precise, my display of anger apparently scared the shit out of her.

So last night, I put Nora and YuYu in the tub before dinner and got their little brown selves all cleaned up and smelling like soap, yum, delicious pretty girls. After dinner, I ran the tub and dunked Mimi in for her much needed sudsing. She asked to play for a minute, so I retreated to my newspaper for awhile. Then, next thing I know, Mimi is standing next to me, wrapped in a towel, with her hair all wet and dripping. I started to get a little put out, because I could hear the water running out of the tub, but I know that Mimi can't handle her own hair ball head yet and needs help getting the shampoo sudsed in and rinsed out and I was going to need to run another tub. I started to lead her back to the bathroom, asking why she had forgotten to wash her hair. She told me, no, her hair was clean.

Me: How? how can your hair be clean?
Mimi: Nora helped me.

You could have pushed me over with a bottle of no more tears. I went into the bathroom and there was Nora, all business like, picking the toys out of the water and grabbing the great ghastly wads of Mimi's hair before it could go down the drain. I lifted her up, hugged her close and thanked and praised her for several minutes.

Me: Nora, thank you so much, I really really appreciate your help. I love you so much.
Nora: Yor welcome, I want you like me.

Agggh, knife wound.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Ugh.

I felt the knife wound, as well.

Oh Marji, you have no idea how much we are all rooting for you and Nora.

A precious, proceless moment. Hide it in your heart.

Thanks for sharing it.

(from Iowa)

Yes, Minister... said...

OH my gosh. Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing that. You will never know how much that touched me.


Holly said...

Marji - I have said all I really need to say to you about you and Nora. You are so much like May and myself. That fierce Mama Love is there. You can bet money on it. The two of you are working through building the strongest bond on the planet. And, I cannot wait to watch it grow. I believe in you. I believe in Nora. I love you. -Holly
(wiping away lots of tears of recognition as I read your posts)