Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dave and Amy are in China!!!

When I announced to the girls that we were going to move to our current house back in the summer of 2005, Ellie's first reaction was, "but what about Jean?" Jean was our next door neighbor for seven years and she was such a good listener, and she let Mimi eat strawberries from her patch and she was a font of good gardening advice. Jean was one of the hardest things to leave behind when we left our old house (that and the MUCH lower mortgage payment, WHAT was I thinking?). Well, Jean's son Dave married a smart, talented, dynamo named Amy who was already blessed with Sarah, who Dave later legally adopted, and then they brought the wondrous Genevieve into the world to make Jean a happy grandma of two beauties. But feeling that their family was not yet complete, Dave and Amy started the adoption process and found a beautiful waiting older child who they will name Eleanor Zi Tao and they are only DAYS away from meeting their new daughter. You can follow their progress at Amy' Blog. Except for a regrettable moment of TA-waiting-induced-self-indulgence when she posted statistical analyses that burned my eyes on her blog, Amy writes beautifully and thoughtfully about their adoption experience and I can't wait to read her thoughts and observations in the next few weeks. I wish them all the best for an easy transition and evolution into a family of five.

And if we hadn't already moved away from Jean, I'd probably be pretty upset with Dave and Amy because they thought it was somehow acceptable to help Jean find a much better job in Colorado and then entice her to leave Utah with stuff like a higher salary and instant access to her grandchildren and junk like that.


Anonymous said...

They're there, they're there! Amy just called me at my office to tell me they are fine and happy and dazed and excited and name it. Imagine - I heard Amy's voice from CHINA on my office phone - telling me calmly that they were getting up and were going to the Forbidden City and that Eleanor has been told what is happening (who knows what she actually *thinks* is happening??!!) and they will get her SOON! Makes my grandma heart go thumpety-thump. We are all so very, very blessed by the people who have taken such good care of our little girl until we "found" her.

I will take good care of her new home, so it will be a shining welcoming place for her when she gets HOME!

Gamma Jean (Sarah and Genevieve and Eleanor's grandma)

Amy said...

I agree - the stats analyses were regrettable and only made me crazier, and people's eyes burn. :)

Marji, THANK YOU for being who you are, a lovely support person. You have helped us so much along the way with tidbits of information that are so useful, since we haven't BTDT yet. Whenever I'm stumped on the adoption front, I just consider "WWMD?" - What Would Marji Do? And really, your willingness to share your experiences (and playtime with your beauteous girls) helped us to make the decision to adopt Eleanor Zitao in the first place - which is turning out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to all of us.

Thanks for the compliments, too - I'll try to remember that "dynamo" bit when I'm dragging myself out of bed in the morning.