Friday, March 09, 2007

It's good to have goals

Here is the text of a letter I'm sending off to YuYu's foster family in Nanning. It just occured to me that if I don't say this out loud, create an expectation, have some accountability, I'll never get it done and the opportunity will pass and I'll kick myself in the butt for years.

Dear Family;

Thank you for letting me know that you appreciated the vitamins and cashew nuts. My friend Xiao Hong (who is translating this message) gave me good advice about sending the vitamins and YuYu chose the cashew nuts because she loves them too.

If there is EVER anything that you need or that could make your life easier, please do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best to get it to you. You are YuYu’s parents just as much as I am. I think of you as part of our family. YuYu is a very special child and I know it must still give you pain that she had to leave your home. Her absence must be something you feel sharply because she is so loving and beautiful and unique. It is my hope that knowing that she is happy and thriving here with me and her sisters gives you some comfort.

I would like to plan a trip back to China within the next few years. I was wondering when Huang Wei will graduate from university? Would it be possible for us to attend the ceremonies in Guangzhou and to share his accomplishment with your family?

I know YuYu would be thrilled to share that special event with her brother.

With all our love and respect,

Marji and YuYu

I figure that should put us back in China in the spring of 2009. Don't you think I could get organized by then?


Yes, Minister... said...

That is a great goal! Make it come true :-)

Rebecca said...

Ahh - goal setting. A worthy concept. I should try it sometime -in the future, eventually I am sure I will get around to it.