Friday, March 16, 2007

A vote of no confidence

Kind and guileless YuYu lost her first tooth yesterday, finally, since she will be seven years old in a little over two months. She was very pleased with herself and I was very pleased with myself because I had two crispy dollar bills saved for the occasion although it’s not like I didn’t have plenty of notice. That little pearl has been hanging on by a thread of flesh for days and days. No WAY would she even entertain the notion of helping it out of the socket a little faster with a little string and door knob action. Come one, don’t tell me that I’m the only one whose older brother convinced her to let him tie one end of a length of string to her tooth and the other end to a door knob and then, slam, tooth out? But when you don’t lose your first tooth until FOURTH GRADE, what the HELL was the matter with my mouth? I tend to think you might be justified to give into extreme measures. Well, thank god my kids are less gullible than I was in my deciduous years, she wouldn't go for the hardware assist.
So, to go along with my excellent preparation with the crispy ones and related smugness, I even remembered to do the deed before I went to bed. I slipped the crispies under YuYu’s pillow before my own head hit my pillow, because, that’s when I usually remember it, right when I’m on the verge of falling asleep and I have to sqeeze every extra ounce of shame on myself to roust my tired butt out of bed to finish my parental tooth duties. But not this time.
But, if anyone remembers this post, there is someone in our household who, through harsh experience, isn’t as sure of our household tooth fairy’s ability to honor her commitments and who, apparently, didn’t want our YuYu to also be disappointed by the slack-ass fairy who has been assigned to us on her collecting route. I really did actually LOL when I walked into my bedroom last night and saw this propped against my pillows:


Global Girl said...

That is too funny- what clever girls you have!

Anonymous said...


Too dang funny!

I think the TFA (tooth fairy assistant) should be monitarily rewarded...she's *good*!!!

Maybe a gold dollar coin? hehehe

(from Iowa)

Anonymous said...

One cannot have too much help in the whole maternal enterprise, but some of us get WAYYYY more than others.

Gamma Jean