Saturday, April 14, 2007

oh yeah, and $95 I'll never get back

I forgot to add this companion photo to the last post. After the disastrous LAX plane change of 2001, ask me about that story some day when you've got an hour or two, I was this close to getting thrown in the holding cell by an INS security officer, good times, good times. So on this trip, I sprung for an airport hotel and an overnight layover so we wouldn't risk leaving Stewart and all of our luggage behind in Los Angeles again. Yeah, so this is the girls getting my travel dollar's worth at 3:00 a.m. after napping for an hour and a half while I laid wide awake trying to make myself fall sleep by sheer force of will since the last time I slept was more than a day before in China, but my will is not forceful enough and it never happened. So I sat with the girls watching Barbie's Princess and the Pauper for the bazillionth time seething with misplaced anger at Stewart, the non-parent travel companion extraordinaire who had the outrageous bad manners to take an Ambien so he could sleep like a salamander while I suffered. I really do not know to this day why we remain friends, I mean, the nerve of the man.

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