Friday, April 27, 2007

Picture Day

My old, old, old friend, sorry LisaB, but we're approaching 20 years of you putting up with me so that makes us old, old, old and friends, has developed a real passion for photography. After much pestering of me to get the girls cleaned up at the same time and to let her take some photos, we finally met up at the big park for a shoot, as they say in the biz. The photos turned out nicely even though it was a little breezy which made me instantly regret the decision to let Mimi go hairbobless. I had to scrounge around in the bottom of my handbag to find a functional but not photo shoot worthy ponyholder just so we could see her eyes. And the breeze did not do YuYu any favors as she produces a spot on Alfalfa from the Little Rascals imitation as her fly away hair flew off her forehead in a most unfortunate way. However, I can't blame the breeze for the sad fact that Nora doesn't yet have the vocabulary to understand me when I say, "Bud, please stop grimacing," so she looks like she's passing a stone in most of the pictures.

But it was a fun evening and gave me this great shot: a pile of beauties with an Uncle Stew on top.

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