Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bored Mom + Camera Phone = Boring Blog

After we share two orders of halibut and Yukon gold fries from the Arctic Circle down the street, with many testimony meeting cups full of special fry sauce, we still have to kill a significant amount of time while Ellie finishes up soccer practice. A non-slacker mom would have thought to bring the little girls' reading homework to work on while Ellie beats it up and down the field with Coach Dave, but I don't belong to that club.


Anonymous said...


The slacker mom club is better...because what's more important? Reading or playing on a gorgeous afternoon and eating fries? Zoe and I always vote for the latter (not that I don't think reading is important!!)

BTW, I find it so impressive that you know how to transfer camera phone photos to your computer! I only can take and store!

But then again, that also must be why I don't have a blog...the word overwhelms my technological skill!

I love to see your girls and hope all is going well!

Zoe's mama :-)

Lisa and Tate said...

Hmmmm.... This play ground looks totally familiar!!! Holy crap.... it is the playground by my house!!! Next time pack up the kids and come visit me!!!