Saturday, May 12, 2007

Little Swinger


I raced uptown to see Ellie's music program at 1:30 pm, grousing and grumbling the whole way. If the program had just started a half hour later, at 2:00, school is out at 3:15 and I could have just knocked off for the rest of the day and felt good about it. Instead, I knocked off for the rest of the day and felt put out and guilty about it. I imagine there's a good reason why the kids had to return to their classrooms for what I am sure was a stunningly productive 45 minutes after the program ended, but I can't think what that reason might be. But even though I was peeved and feeling pissy about what I perceived to be inept and inconsiderate event planning on behalf of the elementary school faculty, I walked right out into the silver lining. I left through the back doors to walk back home across the rear playground. Some classes were at recess on a very welcome warm and sunny day. I spied YuYu on the monkey bars and was able to watch her playing, unnoticed, from across the yard until she finally saw me and I went closer to give her a hug. What a treat to watch her at play, when she didn't know I was spying. She is so uninhibited and happy. This little girl knows how to have fun. She just flipped and jumped and laughed and smiled and I smiled too. Her shirt says World Champion Giggler. Of course she didn't win it in a competition, but she could have.


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