Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Single Mom Succumbs

West Valley City – Authorities were not surprised to find an adult female, slumped over and lifeless at a local indoor amusement park last weekend. Tragically, because death by seedy amusement park can be so easily prevented, she leaves behind a family of four young girls ages five through ten. The children, who were brave and not all that upset because they were pretty worn out anyway, went willingly into shelter care pending notification of nearest relatives because they were allowed to play just a little bit longer before leaving with DCFS officials.
Emergency medical technicians responding to the incident indicated that they were often called to the facility under similar circumstances. ‘Yeah, sure, it’s usually the older ones with little kids. They’re just not accustomed to the noise, the smells, the inanity and we find ‘em this way all the time . . . sad, really,” said West Valley paramedic Jim Tooyoung. “It can be a lot of things that cause it. See, here, the strap on her hand bag is too short and was probably sliding down her shoulder all day. That alone can be fatally annoying.”
Misty Dampears, ticket counter manager at Hollywood Connection, said she had noticed that the dead woman was holding way too many jackets for far too long before she noticed the wall of lockers installed for safe keeping of personal items. “For sure, older parents as human coat racks either freak out and just have to be taken away or they just go kind of internal with it and keel over,” said Ms. Dampears. “This woman hauled those coats around way too long. I didn’t see her lose it, but it was probably making her real mad inside, you know?”
It has been discovered that the woman was found sometime after she paid too much for frozen and not completely cooked pizza that her children would not eat for lunch. There also might have been a spill of a sticky soft drink at the unfortunate woman’s lunch table, but the condition of the floor under the table made it impossible to tell if the goo on the floor was recent or had occurred much earlier. “Any time you get an older parent, consession stand food and a spilled Sprite, well, you’re just asking for this kind of trouble,” concluded restaurant manager Fly Speck.
Paramedic TooYoung also speculates that the spilled soft drink could have added to her stress level and made her more vulnerable to system breakdown. “It’s kind of like these old ones just don’t remember the thrill of being little and riding anything that twirls and lifts them at least 10 feet in the air. They forget that it’s all about the kids and let the stress of the environment overtake them.”
“I wish more older parents would adjust their attitudes before they come to a place like this. We take too many kids to shelter care from this place because some parents just don’t get it. They’re not bad parents, just horribly unprepared for the conditions they face once they arrive here,” added Carol Riskco of DCFS.
The photos from the dead woman’s cell phone are being published with the article in hope that the childrens' grandparents may recognize them and contact DCFS immediately.


Tracy said...

Now that's funny!!


Rebecca said...

wow, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, and the cursed noisemaking arcade games (especially the dance step one) - yes, the memories are coming back along with the smells and sounds. Thanks for the reminder.

And the food - you described it very accurately.