Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Project 337

Last Friday, no school. The district leaves a make up day on the calendar in case of emergency cancellations during the year. Think snow days. But, even though this is Utah, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and "the best snow on Earth," we NEVER have snow days because this is Utah, home of Pioneer Spirit and who in their right mind would call off school on acount of a few inches or 36 of snow? C'mon cowboy up, stop your complaining and trudge you big pansy. Literally, I have had to walk ahead of the girls to break a path for them to get to school because there was no way, even if we could get the car out of the garage, to drive them there. But I digress.
So, with a day to kill, we had our choice, this expedition into the art world or the one I chose, pictured above in all my phone's .3 megapixels of power. Cool huh? When they think of art, this is what I want them to think of first. They may reject my sensibilities when they get older and form their own opinions about stuff and the world, but I'm the mom and for now, they have to look at this.


Rebecca said...

I think you made the best choice. While I think Akiane is gifted technically I would love more to see her work when she has matured and has chosen to go her own path stylistically. Too much of her stuff is "copied". Heh heh heh check out me the art critic. Hec Nathan draws a better circle then me!

Yes, Minister... said...

Love it! It looks cool and cool is well, cool :D