Saturday, February 17, 2007

Let's all go to the snack bar

A very happy new year for YuYu, a box chock FULL of Chinese snacks with labels we can't read from her foster parents arrived yesterday. Thank You so much Xiao Zhen. I just love these people. I figured the shipping alone was $47 (365 yuan stamped on the customs form) and it couldn’t have been cheap to fill the package with delectables like fruit food, diseased root vegetable sticks, wrinkled brown nuggets, low sugar dates (extolled as leisure and comfortable food on the package), little cakes that are really just little cubes of compressed sweetened flour, longan and osmanthus scented, that disintegrate into a crumbly pile with the slightest touch. YuYu is in snack food heaven. We can add this pile of treasure to the super huge bag of dried squid strips and rock salt plums she’s been working on this week. I am so glad that YuYu has retained her tastes for the food she grew up eating. I hope that doesn’t change.

The picture below is just SOME of the snacks Xiao Zhen loaded me down with when we met them at the orphanage in Nanning before leaving for Guangzhou back in November 2004 when, I want to say “brought YuYu home,” but at the time, felt like “stole YuYu from her.” Obviously, she was worried that I was going to starve our little YuYu pixie stick. Not to worry Xiao Zhen, with all these wonderfully odd snacks, dried squid strips and a freezer full of frozen dumplings, we’re good, she only just looks starved, ooh my that girl is thin, and oh boy is she loved around the world.

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