Monday, February 19, 2007

What's not to love

I wasted a lot of time today, a lot of time, trying to make this video clip magically appear, as if without effort, on the blog. Well, I'm here to tell you that although it did take an embarassing amount of time, and my 16-yo 'phew could have had it up in a NY second, the computer did not, in the end, whip my middle-aged ass. I did it, so take that you piece of electronic evil. I won. Not you. Me. Feel the burn.

So, the point is that Ellie and I will share our ninth anniversary together on Wednesday, and as I was firing up the nostalgia machine in anticipation of that event, searching my files for something that sadly appears to be lost, I stumbled over this clip instead. I coerced my friends Steve and Kristen into helping me "learn" how to edit video one evening and all that I learned is that Steve and Kristen were very generous not to say no to me even though I am sure that they suspected that I was uneducable because I am only just now, six or seven years later, learning how to do anything more with the video tape than just throwing it in a someday shoebox, as in: someday I'll do something with the dozens and dozens and dozens of video tapes in this shoe box.

So here she is, my darling daughter Ellie, circa May 1999. She is 2.5 years old, eating a popsicle and dancing to Disney's Friends Forever CD in her bedroom. She is on the verge of being potty trained by the tried and true M&M bribery method, hence the repeated requests for "my canny." She is delectable.

Did I mention that I fell hard for this child, harder than two tons of honey covered bricks, but is there any doubt as to why one might fall in love so easily with this joyful, beautiful child? What's not to love.

Post script:

Maniacal embarassed laughter, if you clicked in this morning, you would have seen SIX YouTube screens as six separate posts. So much for feeling like the alpha dog. I kept telling YouTube to upload the clip to my blog, but when it didn't happen immediately, I interpreted that as an absolute refusal and gave up and copied and pasted the clip's URL in a post. So, as is turns out, it wasn't a refusal so much as a digestive issue: YouTube needed to mull over my multiple requests and then, seeing that I was very serious about uploading this clip, acquiesced and did it six times for me. Oh, damn, I'm so digitally inept, makes me chuckle.


Eliza2006 said...

It's private. You have to make it public on youtube for us to be able to see it. Can't wait to see that cute girl as a baby!


Marji said...

Oh Tiffany, even more maniacal laughing. What else could I have done to mess this up? Okay, here she is, available to the masses.


Eliza2006 said...

She is sooo cute! I could just pinch her! Are you going to host another gathering this summer? I can't wait to meet Ava (Eliza's competition!)!


Anonymous said...


She is de-lish! I could eat her up like "canny". :~)

Too cute, Marji and who cares about the media mishap?

We laugh with you, not at you. (grin)

(from Iowa)

Heza Hekele said...

Very, very cute! I played it twice, because it was so cute!

Amy said...

Speaking of manaical laughing, Sarah has been asking to see it again and again - can't believe it's Ellie! She's so cute!

Amy said...

I reread that and realized it sounded strange - we can of COURSE believe Ellie is CUTE, she's just so tiny girl, chubby toddler cute! I'm realizing that it wasn't that long after that when we met her (we first started coming to Jean's place when Sarah was barely 3). Wow.