Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why Does Popcorn Pop?

So we could finish the damn science fair project, that's why. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I laid down, I rolled over, I threw in the towel, and any other way you want to say I gave up and pretty much just did it for her. I mean, really, how was she supposed to do it herself? The heck, she's only in fourth grade and can't even do long division yet, so who really thinks this assignment was child centered? Fourth grade science fair my ass. Mom, Print Shop and Google centered science fair is more like it. She's happy with the way it turned out, we finished it TWO WEEKS AHEAD of the deadline, and she's going to keep a bowl filled with popcorn to attract lots of people over to read her board, so that spells success to me. Now if she just doesn't blink between now and the 19th or else she'll forget everything I tried to help her learn about the wonders of popped corn.

But I did learn something I wasn't expecting to learn while trying to desicate popcorn kernels in a quick oven so we could get the experiment completed. We learned that popcorn is a great source of fuel for a cozy kitchen fire. Nothing smells more like lovin' in the oven than popcorn popping wildly in a too hot oven and bursting into flames on the heating element. Yum, yum, yum.


Amy said...

I'm laughing, because Sarah's in the same boat right now. Yippee 4th grade Science Fair! Sarah's project has to do with calories in food, and how much energy it takes to get through the day. Exhibit A: This is my mom. She eats too many calories, but complains she needs more energy. How can it be? (Well, I hope I'm not Exhibit A...)

Yes, Minister... said...

LOL - Okay, I am so cracking up! As a teacher - I think the idiot who thought that elementary kids could do science fair project should be shot :-) The project looks great and I hope that YOU win!