Saturday, February 17, 2007

Winnah, Winnah, Winnah

No Way!
And, no one shed blood and/or contracted tetanus, bonus!
Ellie and the winners from the other two fourth grade classes will advance to the district level. You can cut the tension with a knife! Well, my tension anyway, Ellie is surprisingly non-plussed.

Edited to read:

I'm feeling guilt for Ellie's victory and need to add this explanation in our defense so I don't lose my slacker-mom certification: she poked every kernel with a push pin, operated all the machinery (air popper), measured the results, took the pictures, and wrote it all up, fourth grade style. But we've had such a bad/scary mommy-daughter big take-home project history with me yelling and gentle Ellie crying, that I didn't want our fun project to turn into tears this time. So when it looked like it was circling the drain, and I started to lose my patience with her, I broke out the piles of unused scrap book paper, Print Shop and my advanced English language skills and helped her with the layout. And she was so pleased with the result, she was beaming. So, compared to the other tri-folds on display, I'd say my involvment was about medium. Some were waaaaaaaaaay over the top and some were pure and good and touched only by student hands. Yes, I do feel badly that the butterfly project created by S and S, two of Ellie's best friends, was not chosen because it was clearly all their own work (and I KNOW it must have been hard for their very smart and accomplished parents to stand back). On the other hand, I feel great that Ellie and I completed a project together with no yelling and that she is proud of the outcome. I'll try to stand back a little farther next year.

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