Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hanson Girls 6?

Okay, here is our world rocking news, we have a pet, we are now officially dog people, let the spoiling begin. Her name is Lucy and she is a 2-year-old hand-me-down silky terrier. I have resisted getting a pet because I am (a) lazy, (b) allergic to cats, (c) lazy and (d) lazy. Ellie has wanted a dog for a long long time, but only in her polite Ellie way of bringing it to my attention. No explicit whining or begging, just well placed, but not too frequent, comments about how great this or that dog is, or how much this or that friend really enjoys their dog. But I’ve consistently said no, not for us, puppies are harder to raise than babies at first, e.g., babies at least do their business in diapers and you can take them to KinderCare and they won’t chew up all your furniture while you are at work. But when my mother mentioned that her friend from way back in their high school days in Bear Lake needed to find a good home for this little lady, I said, what the heck, my home is good, relatively, depends, I can think of worse, bring her to us. Mom’s friend got Lucy for a companion after her husband of almost 50 years died two years ago. But mom’s friend has connected with a high school sweet heart, also a widower, and they are traveling a lot and Lucy is kenneled more than not so mom’s friend wanted her to be with a family/owner that was at least home more often. Since I’m too lazy (see above) to get us organized for just a weekend camping trip, we won the Lucy lottery because, shoot, we never go anywhere.

So Lucy arrived Friday evening with BAGS and bags o’dog stuff, BAGS I say, even a little coat to cover her own silken, but pretty skimpy, fur coat in the winter. And she is stuck with us now because the contents of the BAGS are scattered throughout our good but cluttered house and I will never get it all back in one spot again and by the time I do, she may like us and want to stay. Lucy is very sad and subdued, not at all happy here yet, kind of like YuYu acted for several months after she came to be a Hanson girl. She must feel like she is in the Twilight Zone after living with a retired lady in mourning to a house full of hands that want to pet her and small faces that want the get really really close to see if they can make Lucy smile ala Winn Dixie. So this is a good thing, pets are a good thing, right?? Sure they are, who could not adore this furry little face. Here’s hoping Lucy starts to like a little because she sure needs to start eating and drinking again; at six pounds, there’s not enough of her to survive an extended hunger strike as opposed to me, I could survive a famine.

P.S. Nora’s feet ARE big, but not that big, bad angle. And it was a really good day until Nora spit on Ellie as they were getting ready for bed and I had Lucy on the side lawn to do her dog business, sigh. I’ve started taking away Nora’s favorite things (now that she has enough of her own things) and putting them in jail whenever she does something disgusting, disrespectful, mean, impulsive, etc., The jail population waxes and wanes but it’s pretty full right now, sigh.

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Darlene in CA said...

Well, well, well, Marji H - Here I encourage you to blog and in less than a week you put me to shame with more entries than I've been able to manage over the last few months. And here I am with 75% fewer children and 100% fewer pets since the aptly named "fish" started swimming upside down, bloated-like in the tank and I had to tell Lulu he was going for an extended stay at the fish hospital. Flush, what? I didn't hear a flush...

Seriously, kudos to you for your honesty. Hard stuff to admit; harder, I'm sure to go through. I'm pretty lucky with my Lulu, she's probably 85% Easy Hanson Girls 1-3 and maybe 15% Hanson Girl #4 in temperment. And I'm not saying she's a combination, rather that she is either a sweet, endearing, behaving adorable child, or she is an obstinant, idependent, loud, whiny, cranky, button pushing, drivin' mama insane child. They don't co-exist - she's one or the other. Example: every night since we returned from China more than 9 months ago, the routine of bath, teeth brushing, story, songs and sleep has worked like a charm. Then a month or so ago, she decided that she wouldn't go to sleep. And when this child decides she's not doing something, you're in for a long ride. About a week and 10,000 time outs later, all was back to normal... Is it normal for a three year old child to tell her mama that you better go and close the door again cause I gonna need a nudder time out cus I NOT go sleep tonight! Nuh, uh!?????

I look back at Lulu's more "spirited" times, and I can't imagine how you deal with it day to day... I don't like Lulu much at those times, but I know that just around the corner she'll be back to herself. Sounds like it will take a while and quite a lot of work to get Nora around that corner. But she'll get there.

Flat out bribery works best for Lulu. Yeah, I was on the "you can't win with "stuff"" boat, but had to pull the sucker into port quickly once I met my little match. There's a box that lives on the kitchen table filled with trinkets - crappy little toys, erasers, balloons, plastic jewelrey - literally nothing more than fifty cents that Lulu can crack into (the rule here is you've got close your eyes to pick the item) when she's done something particularly good. I started it after palate surgery and the "good" deed was drinking a once ounce cup of anything (can I say I hated the liquid diet thing?). So, it's now been modified for good behavior and it does really work like a charm. I've also got these little plastic coins that say "I was caught being good" and enough of those will get an extra draw at the suprise box or an ice cream cone or a night of naked sleeping - don't ask - oh, better explain before child protective services arrives at the door - kid is an internal combustion engine - can have the windows open, the fan going and 55 degrees indoors and she's sweating like she's run a marathon. She's almost never cold and is therefore always hot in even the lightest of jammies - so a naked night for her is a royal treat.

Of course, bribery is hard when only one of your kiddos is in need of better behavior. If you'd like, shoot me an email and I can send Miss Nora a suprise box of her own, believe me, I've got the stuff to fill fifty of them. Or maybe do the coin thing and let the other girls dole them out to miss thing when they catch her being good. I don't know, if any of it'll work, but I don't think it would hurt.

Well, I'm blathering away when I had started to sit down to write my Loves's Journey Book entry, so I shall stop typing now.

Well, not yet - You've got some tough times ahead, but I'm sure you will be able to do it too. You are a GREAT mom, and it's not luck, smoke or mirrors. All those Hanson girls (even those of the doggie variety) are lucky to have you. You care enough to blog the very best. ;-)