Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey, that was fun, let's do it again

We hosted a SMSP (single mom swim party, I didn't think that up, I had to have that explained to me, although it should probably be the FSMSP, F for fabulous) on Saturday afternoon and I think everyone had a good time. I remember the days when we spent most of our time at these parties chasing after toddlers with tissues and wipes and could hardly get a word in edgewise because our little little kids were running amok. This party was either (a) evidence of the effect of single quota imposed by the CCAA almost five years ago because all of the kids except for a cute as a bug 14-month-old from Kazahkstan were at least five years old, or (b) I'm way out of the loop and there are bunches of hip single adoptive parents out there and I don't know them. If the latter explanation is the case, I hope they're out there having as much fun as we did on Saturday watching our beautiful quota-free kids cavort in the pool.Having a house with a pool takes some getting used to. First, it's the pool maintenance or "how fast can algae take over your cement pond" challenge, then it's the make sure you keep a sharp look out for sinkers or the "how long can a preschooler float under water before the hostess figures out someone is drowning" issue (I have vowed to be MUCH more vigilant, believe me) and now its the lost and found box issue. By the time we're ready to say good bye, everyone is worn out from the the sun and chlorine and they just want to get the heck out of Dodge. So, if you are missing kids' flip flops, swim suit cover ups, or beach towels, give me a jingle. I think I really do need a lost and found box by the door. Even if I have to lard it with our own items, it might cause guests to pause a minute and check to make sure they have everything they came with on the way out.

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