Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In the swim of things

Okay, that will teach me, AGAIN, mid-message and pictures loaded, something, either DSL or stupid blogspot freezes up and I lose many wonderfully written and very insightful paragraphs, sparkling gems that you would have adored reading, and I’m too tired to even attempt to recreate the moment. Stupid computer. Also, it just occured to me that if I leave the camera on portrait setting while I have it pointed at bobbing bathing beauties that the photo quality, heck these aren't even in focus, photo quality is an overstatement, might be impaired a tiny bit, d'ya think?

So here are pictures of wet kids having fun in the pool. I bought the house because it was parked in the backyard of both the elementary and jr. high schools. I couldn’t buy the house and not buy the pool, I asked, so I learned how to maintain the pool and the learning curve has been steeeeeeeeeeeep. Especially because the whole set-up is antique/vintage/pieces o’crappish. But the girls love it and are becoming strong swimmers and Nora has just been amazing. Our fun teacher from last summer wasn’t available for private lessons this summer, so the girls have been on their own and Nora just pushed herself to keep up with her sisters and can now swim under water across the deep end. Pretty darned amazing when compared to YuYu’s tentativeness that lasted all of last summer when it was her first exposure to swimming.

I have another appointment tomorrow with a family counselor. This is only the third session, but just talking about my fears/guilt/anger has actually been helpful and this is an admission from a reach-down-grab-those-bootstraps-a-real-team-player-plays-hurt kind of gal. I have done this before, YuYu was adopted at exactly the same age as Nora was at the time of her adoption, and this one just wasn’t feeling right. I knew I had to get help with my feelings for Nora. I was out of my depth. Thank you to all who wrote with encouragement and walked a mile in your moccasins kind of advice, it is good to know that others have had the same doubts and struggles. I have learned that I can’t respond to posts from anonymous folks, no email address is associated with your messages, but thanks for thinking of me. It’s not as pitiful/dramatic as I let myself sound. I have a wonderful mother who lives within 30 minutes, good friends in town and great friends on the internet, other singles with many kids, and it helps me feel better knowing I’m not swinging this hammer on my own.

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