Thursday, August 10, 2006

Man, I need a life

So I got the kids to sleep and went downstairs to see what in the heck is wrong with the printer, I'm trying to get a box in the mail to Nora's foster family and my attempt to print photos this morning resulted in some psychedelic '60's rock poster kind of stuff and to add even more length to this sentence, I ended up adding nerd crap to this blog. I'm taking good advice and developing a hobby? oh I guess you could say that, but mostly it's just putzing around because it's there on other people's blogs and I'm thinking what, hey, I want things that flash on my blog too, I need I want (long story about my younger brother Clark and a beebee gun, I need I want a beebee gun, repeat a bazillion times) flashy crap on my blog. Since Nora can't read yet, and, therefore, can't read about all of my angst surrounding her adoption, I'll show her the birthday ticker and the Flickr thingy tomorrow before I go to work, I know she'll like it a lot.

Ooh, and we have a very special guest arriving tomorrow afternoon, but I won't let the dog, um, er cat, yeah, cat, out of the bag until the kids get the full measure of their surprise. But can I tell you, it is going to ROCK their world and teach them responsibility and empathy and all that other good stuff too.

Counseling session cancelled today, counselor called in sick, but that will give me more time to do my homework with Nora. I'm supposed to involve her in an activity that I enjoy and that we can do together. The theory is the more I concentrate my attention just on her, the more I will grow to like and appreciate her. And I'm not disputing that she is a great kid, it's just the button pushing that is keeping me at arm's length. How do you grow to love a child that pushes the big buttons one minute and the next minute is just a regular good kid with no apparent recollection that her behavior of half an hour ago sent her mother around the bend. This is pathetic, but so far we've cleaned shrimp, done hand dishes and skimmed the pool together, but she does seem to enjoy it a lot when she gets to contribute and work by my side as long as it is on her schedule, e.g. mucho pouting and stamping if she is not in the mood to help. I don't think that's what the counselor had in mind, but I'm beyond my creative resources to come up with anything else that we can do together that the other three wouldn't be standing there thinking, hey, what's up, how come only Nora gets to do that fun thing with mom.

But for tonight, no more nerdy computer stuff until I can refill light cyan and get Nora's pictures printed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marji:

Former single gal, PAP here...I agree with the counselor regarding fun things to do together with Nora. I think that is a good idea.

It *would* be hard to think of things that Nora would enjoy helping with that her sweetie sibs wouldn't be feeling left out of. Hmmmm.....

This is maybe a bit more than your're thinking about, but I used to give my kiddos several "Get out of jail free" cards that they could cash in for a day away from school, that they chose the activity and I financed and tranported us to the fun!

Actually, each girl could have a day (or half day) like this (each school year), but Nora maybe could have more of them (at first) to help jump-start the benefit of the program.

Glad you're posting more frequently. I'm checking back regularly and hope that these comments are more blessing than curse! LOL