Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's official, Mrs. Ellison is an angel

Stefani Ellison was notified by the CCAI yesterday that she will be among the honored at the annual awards banquet in DC next month. Talk about pulling teeth. I'm sorry I had to arm wrestle with Hatch's office to get it done, but there can be no doubt that she is a deserving recipient, a real angel, and now she has the plaque to prove it. Yay for Stefani. And, if YOU know any one who you think is potential angel material, you do not have to be an angel to nominate them (myself as a case in point). Go to the CCAI website (www.ccainstitute.org), look up your state and see which of your congress persons and senators are members of the coalition and send the nominating letter to ALL of them just in case. Then, learn from my mistakes, follow up, follow up, follow up.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have it recognized, though, huh?

Now, get some sleep and lay off the self-flagellation for awhile, Marji! (::wink::)

Some might consider the things *you* do angelic! Just a thought!

Blog readers? Can I get an Amen?

(from Iowa)

Marji said...

but Teri, the self-flagellation is my only hobby, it's portable, you can do it anywhere and I never grow tired of it. And you know angel . . . lawyer, internally inconsistent concepts so the angel wings won't fit, but thanks for thinking that it might could happen. Marji

Anonymous said...

Ya know---if you're gonna live in bloggy land, you can't lie, Marji!

I just so happen to know that you *do* have other hobbies (besides self-flagellation)---there's pool cleaning, dog training, child collecting, CSI watching, blogging, hostess of single mom soirees, governmental ineptitude watchdogging, swear-word lexicon expander (my personal fave? good hell, I think you say). Bwahahahaha...

Hmmm....I'm blanking beyond that....