Friday, August 18, 2006

Rant update

Oh good hell, I just listened to a message from Marreen Casper, Senator Hatch's staff member tasked with processing the Angel in Adoption nominations. She went on an excursion for work, tipped an ATV on herself, has been "really goofy," is just embarrassed to tears that she didn't get this done, oh good hell, I can't even respond by phone, I'm too embarrassed for her that she would use the "it must have been the cold medication that made me do it" excuse, so so so
so so lame, what an asshat. But, since NO ONE from Bennett's office has called me back, I will fax a letter to Ms. Casper imploring her to submit Stefani's nomination as quickly as possible and cc: it to the CCAI. Oh my, I'm furious. Here's the letter, I hope it makes her feel bad:

Dear Ms. Casper:

I just listened to the message you left in my voice mailbox this morning. I am responding in writing for three reasons: (a) it is past the time you mentioned that you would be leaving for the weekend, (b) I’m very angry and embarrassed by your excuse and teeing off on you will serve no useful purpose, and (c) by responding in writing to your offer to proceed with Sen. Hatch’s nomination of Mrs. Ellison for the CCAI Angel in Adoption award I can also provide Ms. Armstrong at the CCAI with notice that she can expect to hear from you regarding this matter on Monday, August 21, 2006. In addition, no one in Senator Bennett’s office has returned any of my phone calls and this matter does not appear to have any urgency to his staff members either. Since you have all of the relevant information, you are in the best position to complete the nomination and I am requesting that you do so as quickly as possible.

I am relieved that the CCAI will extend the nomination deadline so that Mrs. Ellison may be included in this year’s awards event. I am very sorry that all the difficulty I have had trying to draw attention to Mrs. Ellison and provide her with this recognition from the CCAI has tarnished the award or will make her feel like she is in any way less than deserving of the recognition. This has ended up feeling more like a root canal than a project I embarked on to make a dear friend know how much her work is appreciated by both the families and children whose lives she has touched and the rest of the adoption community.

If you have any questions or need any more information, I can be reached by phone or email. I encourage you to make this request a top priority on your August 21, 2006, work schedule to insure that you have every thing you need to process the nomination before the extended deadline expires.


Marji Hanson

Yeah, never be in doubt that I can be a huge ASS when I want to and sometimes even when I don't know I'm doing it. But this time, I knew.

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